Celebrate the Girl Gang

In honour of international women's day I've put together a roundup of my favourite Babe Vibe posts from the past year. But I couldn't just stop there! I've also dreamt up my own dreamy, supportive, babin' girl gang.

I'm sure you've seen it all over instagram, so you know by now that today is all about celebrating the powerful ladies in your lives. It is about supporting your girl gang. And empowering your favourite females. It wasn't too long ago that women weren't treated as equals, given the right to vote, work, live as they want or have a voice. So let's take a moment to raise our glasses to all the women of the past who fought for the lives we lead now, and for all the bad ass babes from our own lives that empower us, love us and support us. Today is also the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on our relationship with females. Try and bring compassion into things today. And just remember to celebrate female kind. 


Let's take a trip down memory lane. Here are my favourite Babe Vibe interviews of the past. You can peruse the whole section here.



I mean, she probably should get her own category entirely. My mum is the most supportive and inspiring babe of all. She raised me to be a kind, sensitive, creative and caring woman. And is always there to tell me to snap out of it when i need. She sent me to private school, encouraged me to be the first from my family to attend uni and now she is raising her sister's children. She is an actual inspiration, top of my list and I'll forever love and be inspired by her.  I think her interview is pretty inspirational but then again I'm biased because she is my mum and she does say some nice things about me.

You can read her interview here.



Albertine's interview holds an incredibly special spot in my heart as she is the first babe vibe babe EVER. She was the very first person I asked when I started the series, and the very first interview that went live! She is honestly the sweetest human and so inspiring in that she owns and runs her own jewellery label. Which she started when she was still in school. 

You can read her interview here. Find her work here



Oh man. Lwany is just a ray of sunshine and I was sooooo excited when she said yes to an interview. Because I'll be real, I find her work so inspiring, I've got the biggest friend crush on her, she makes the coolest videos, she's vegan, loves dogs and did I mention she is the COOLEST?!

You can read her interview here. Find her work here.

download (1).jpeg


Another one of the original Babes to be interviewed and another one that made me so excited to post. I'm a big fan of Sharna's and totally inspired by her story and business. Its a vegan cafe!! I followed her pre-cafe, when she was selling cakes at a market. I went along and they were divine!! To this day I am totally inspired by her and her journey. 

You can read her interview here. Find her work here



I honestly couldn't believe it when Estée said YES to an interview. I'm pretty sure i just panicked. But in a excited way. I've been following Estée on youtube since, well I don't even know when!! And always loved her down to earth vibe she developed over the past few years. She has the best advice and it was incredibly interesting to get to know her a little bit better. 

You can read her interview here. Find her work here

download (2).jpeg


Another fan girl moment was when I got the reply from Yeshe. She is the gal behind Midnight Baker, another NZ based eatery. This one focusing on bread. It is so cool to see that she dreamt of this cafe and then now she has it, which I've eaten at!! Just makes me feel so excited, warm, fuzzy and happy for her!

You can read her interview here. Find her work here.



I have nothing but pure love and gratitude for Cait. I've known her for four years, maybe more and over that time she has been so supportive and kind, even when she has been going through her own shit. Like this morning, she sent me a message just to send me good vibes. She also sent me a present to celebrate the new year (a handmade ceramic everyone!) Like how good is this girl! She is actual magic, so it was really nice to interview her and share that magic with you!! I'm excited to see where she goes in her life.

You can read her interview here. Find her work here.

Olivia purvis edit.jpg


Liv's interview is the most recent to go up but it is also pretty exciting!! I've always loved her blog and followed her since the early days of blogging. Like before it was such a big thing. I've always been inspired by her, her style and her flair with writing. So it was super special to have her on UW. Did I mention she is a babe?

You can read her interview here. Find her work here.

So if I was hosting a dinner party to celebrate international women's day (seriously have to make a note of this idea for next year) who would I invite? provided that teleportation existed so physical distance really wasn't an issue. nor was capacity issues.

Definitely the aforementioned ladies (Albertine, Lwany, Sharna, Estée, Yeshe, Cait & Liv) and if my mum decide to attend then I would have to invite my Nan too! I mean she is a babe in her own right. 

I would also invite Lauren Lovette; a principal ballerina in the NYC ballet, someone I admire greatly and total babe. 

Hannah Mellsop of Real Rad Food. She owns her own business and is like sunshine.

Hailey Marie because she legit has the best adventures.

Liss from work because she is cool and its nice to have a friend at work (lol, I'm cringey)

Laura Miller because I would love to pick her brains on literally every topic under the sun. She can bring her daughter Mae too! 

Caroline bc she is my longest friend and always tells me the truth. 

Erica because she is so supportive and kind towards me.

Tara because she has supported me through my worst.

Emma Watson because she launched the #HeForShe movement and I would love to pick her brains!

Jacinda Ardern because she is standing up for women and making nz a better place.

And my dog issabella because I love her, duh.

If you were throwing a dinner party for international women's day who would you invite? Because I feel like I need a include a whole bunch of empowering and inspiring females that I'm forgetting.

Also, sly reminder, that if you haven't told those gorgeous ladies in your life yet that you appreciate, admire and love them. Then you should totally do that now. Seriously, I think it will make there day!

Happy Women's day lovelies. And if no one has told you yet today, you are amazing, brave, powerful, strong, stunning and a babe. xxx