Vegan Dinner Inspiration


After a long day at work I find cooking a good meal (when I have enough energy) is the best way to round out a day. So for the past month or so I've been taking photos of 90% of the dinners we have been having, in the hope that I'd be able to dish up some vegan dinner inspiration. 


Sushi Bowl

Sometimes you just feel like a whole lot of veges. So whats better than said veges with rice & teriyaki tofu. Easy to make and so nourishing too!


Vege Bowl

Another simple vege bowl before we added the 'meaty' bits (tofu for me and chicken for Luke). I was super proud of Luke when he ate all his kale. Like I know I'm a big fan of it, but Luke? It must have been good.


Vegan Mac & Cheese

When you need something comforting whats better than mac and cheese? It had been a while since we had this and it didn't disappoint. And it is so easy to make too! Photo taken half way through because I was too excited!


Coconut Curry

Curry is one of our easy go to's. Spices and coconut milk plus veges of course. We pack it with veges and add beans or lentils. Maybe tofu, or some vege meat. Serve it up on rice and it is good to go.


Kumara Enchiladas

These are the literal best! Sweet potato and enchiladas. Who knew!! Pulled from the Oh She Glows cookbook it didn't not disappoint. We took leftovers to work the next day, Luke shared his around and they had no idea it was vegan. The combo was super creamy, spicy and GOOD!

Luke and I are back on that meal planning buzz. I often dread it, I'll be real. But it does make things a lot easier, cheaper (thanks to planning) and you end up with a whole heap more of variety. Each week we are trying out a new receive to keep things fresh and exciting. Nourishing food really doesn't have to be boring. And vegan food doesn't have to be the same things over and over. it just takes a dose of imagination!! I hope you mouth isn't watering too much. I know mine is, but thankfully lunch to day is leftover curry from last night. So I'd call that a win! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EATING LATELY?

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