raw hems

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This hairstyle is what I like to call, "its a sunday and I have to be at work by 9am and I'm really tired because I didn't finish work till 11pm last night so I will just roll out of bed, into the shower, into some clothes and into the car". On a big plus the smile is because I was leaving work at 12 because that is what generally happens on a sunday. 

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raw hems.jpg

I've also hardly been wearing makeup of the past few months. Partly because I have this skin rash that I think is either linked to vitamin B deficiency and/or stress. And it got into my eyes. Partly because I cry a lot, so it makes things easier when I do cry that I don't have to worry about my makeup. But mainly because I was talking to Cait about how I feel like I wear a 'mask' a lot of the time. And that I wanted to stop, rather allowing myself to just be me. She said that what helped her massively was not wearing the mask of makeup. And I have to say its working a treat. 

This skirt is one I got from an op shop for 3 dollars. It probably belonged to a now old lady because when I brought it, it was well below the knees. But I'm a big fan of wearing red (as I'm sure you know) so I hacked off some of the length and have never gotten around to hemming it. For now the hems will just stay raw until it frays so much that I have to do it. 

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