A confidence colour

red dress2.jpg

A post work photo sesh to document this outfit. BUT after sitting at my desk all day it got incredibly crinkly. AND I had just been crying in my office so I wasn't particularly fond of showing my face. The things you do for the blog amirite? There is something about red that just makes an outfit so much better. I love wearing red, I think you guys know that already. My wardrobe consists of denim, shades of yellows/oranges, white and red. Lots of red. When I was in uni I had pretty low self esteem (cough, I still do now haha) and in a bid to feel better about myself I started wearing red lipstick everyday. It was a total mood lifter. So I think that is where my love of the colour comes from. It makes me feel confident. 

red dress3.jpg
red dress 4.jpg

This was my 2017 Christmas dress and it has a super open back. Which clearly I didn't get a photo of. Well I did, but I was pulling a derpy face so it will never see the light of day. 

red dress.jpg
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