Getting into the new year and my plans for URBAN WILD

I mentioned it in my previous post, but does anyone else feel like they're just settling in to this year? It is absurd to think we are already one month into 2018 and I can't help but wonder where it has gone. I mean, I was working 100% of the time over Jan (minus the odd days off) so it probably went there. But those new year feels everyone seems to get? They've just come about. So for today, I wanted to kick back into blogging by sharing with you some of my personal goals. 

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I've talked about it a lot already; my word for the year is NOURISH. And I'm pretty excited about it. It just feels so right. And will take me down a path of self-care and (eventually) self-love. The idea of NOURISH isn't simply about eating healthy foods (though that is a part of it). It encompasses E V E R Y T H I N G. Through counselling last year I learnt that I was actually a giant people pleaser, so focusing on myself, what is good for me and what I want is a huge shift. Nourishing myself this year is going to be gold. 


I've been doing a lot of introspection over the past few months. And more recently I've realised that a lot of the things I've been clinging on to or just things that are in my life aren't serving me anymore. They just aren't fitting and clicking into place. Jo (my councillor) and I talked about how clearing out, stripping back or starting new isn't a bad thing. It is more of an opportunity to be who I want to be and implement changes that I want. But in order to get to a place where you can add things, you have to clear things out first. So a bit of unravelling will be going down too. Clearing out so a new foundation can go on top of it. I mentioned how I am a people pleaser in my heart and how a lot of the things in my life have been based off of an inauthentic version of me. So when I'm putting a mask on it becomes really draining and exhausting. UNRAVEL simply represents the evaluation of things in my life and choosing to let go of things that aren't nourishing. 


Another goal of mine is to learn to simply accept the feelings I have. I've always known that I feel more deeply than most. I always frowned upon being a sensitive soul. And found it hard to deal with the emotions I have. This year I want to learn how to both accept and find tools for dealing with things like my emotions, depression and anxiety. Perhaps the 'crazy' feels I have won't go away completely, but I can do what I can and be equipped to deal with them.


I can not remember a time when I loved myself. Truly. Or even liked myself to be honest. But I do want to get to that space. I've realised I'm a rather insecure person. And thats why I people please, as a way to get the love, security and attention I so desperately crave. In the past it has just been a whole lot easier to change myself to fit in and to get that validation. But now I'm going into a space where I don't simply want to please others. I want to please myself, like myself and love myself. I've got this theory that loving myself starts with acceptance. Then gratitude, liking and eventually love. I want to build up my confidence, work through my anxiety and rather than low self esteem have some of it ya know. 


Last year I saw a lot of friendships slowly fade and my social network diminish as people went on to different things in their lives. This year I want to build some nourishing friendships that don't leave me feeling drained because I'm wearing a mask. I think the vast majority of my old friendships came from a place of insecurity and people pleasing. I never truly felt like me. So I'd love to have a circle of supportive, kind and encouraging friends around me.

So that is where I am standing right now in the second month of 2018. Those are the goals I have at the mo and they feel just right. I'm focusing on nourishing and I think all the other things are extensions of that. It is exciting to have a general vibe and direction for the year, I'll have to admit. And I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you too! 



I also wanted to touch on some of my new ideas and plans for URBN WILD. You may have noticed last year I decided to make a shift from wishy washy content to concentrating solely on veganism and wellness. I thought a lot about things over summer and wether i wanted to continue with my 8 year long blogging stint. Clearly I decided to keep going but approach UW as a brand new project. Summer was a time of clearing out the old negative feelings I had towards blogging and a sort of resentment I had built up. Instead switching it out for positive vibes and new energy.  I have to keep reminding myself that although I want to do all the things I have depression, anxiety and a full time job! So if I don't stick to something one week, that is a ok. I just want to say that I'm human, aside from Luke I'm a person team so there are bound to be times that I don't stick to what I say. I kind of just want to disclose that otherwise the pressure which generally kills my creativity and good vibes will creep back in. URBN WILD is now a documentation of my journey into the world of wellness and veganism. Think what I learn along the way, my favourite things and tips and tricks. Please note that I am not a trained dietician nor have I a degree in wellness (do those things exist?). But I feel like the school of life has a lot of things to teach us (as well as self help books. they're bomb) so I'll be speaking from my experience. I am fully committing myself to this new 'project' that is URBN WILD. And it is so exciting. Shall we have a look at the details?

x WILD KIN - I'm bringing back the email newsletter. For now it will remain a bi-weekly newsletter with the possibility of it turning into a weekly thing. Its going to be filled with all the good things from this space on the internet and other things i've stumbled upon during the week. 

x WEEKLY VLOGS - Weekly vlogs are coming back. I did a stint a while back where I vlogged every single day. But it won't be like that this time. Sometimes it will be a glimpse into a single day of my life. Other times a whole week. But I'm excited to share a deeper peek into things. Plus people really liked when I showed my anxious moments and in this glossy world we live in I think more honesty and authenticity is needed! 

x Q&As - At the end of vlogs I'll be doing mini Q&As. I think its a great way for you guys to get to know me better and answer burning questions you have. ALSO (very exciting) LUKE said he would be a part of them too!! He is really good at dishing out advice so if you need advice from a chill guy's perspective he's your man! You can ask us anywhere. Via email, anon by tumblr, in the comments over here or on youtube and on twitter or instagram with the #heyUW (for hey Urban Wild) or in an @ reply.

x NORMAL VIDEOS - They'll still be there once a week!! So that means two videos a week. Just a heads up there will be times when I simply can not maintain that (as life happens). But my intention is to have a video on either veganism or wellness and a vlog up each week. EEEP. Just telling you guys this is making me excited.

x BABE VIBES - Babe Vibe interviews are here to stay as they are my favourite! Who doesn't like getting to know our favourite people a little deeper. And a big dose of inspo. They'll be bi-weekly on a monday. If you have anyone you'd like to see interviewed let me know!

x MY PERSONAL OUTFITS - Annnnd I'll also be sharing my personal outfits still. Even though it really doesn't fit into veganism or wellness it is something that has always been a part of my blogging journey and something I still documented even when I wasn't blogging (how weird is that haha). So it stays. 

x BLOG POSTS - And of course I'll still be writing posts. From a more authentic space. I feel out of love with writing on the blog even though I continued to write just for my almost daily. My writing style may change up as I find my voice again. Generally 1 - 2 times a week on the topic of veganism or wellness. And sharing my journey with you. 

So that is a giant "new year" update / brain dump for you. I'm excited to finally be my authentic/truest self over here on my blog. Its scary for sure. But I think honesty and vulnerability is something we need more of in this world. If you want to keep up to date on all the goings on at UW you can follow me on instagram @bisforbritney or join the mailing list. 

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