It always seems strange getting back into something that you haven't done for so long, like exercising or in this case documenting your outfits on the internet for randoms to read. I mean it is a bit of a weird hobby right, but something that is a) socially acceptable in this day and age and b) something I've always done in the past 8 years of my blogging career. YUP. You read that right, eight-freaking-years. And man has it been a journey. In saying that though (and on a complete non-clothing related note) I finally feel like I'm setting into what i want to blog about. For the past 8 years my blog has been a mish-mash of thoughts that crossed my mind. Which is totally ok, because I was only 17 when I started and in the throws of finding myself / figuring out who I really was in this world.

Sometimes I feel incredibly silly about it. Like does it get to a point where you should stop asking your boyfriend to take photos of you to put on the internet? And my incredibly low self esteem whispers at me saying I'm not a model, that fashionable, or someone who should be writing once every two weeks about the clothes on my back. But, even when I wasn't blogging over the summer I'd ask Luke (my partner in life) to take photos of my outfits just because, so I documenting the things wear is here to stay. 


Anyway, I probably should briefly touch on the clothes (though I don't really know what to say about it). My denim jacket is one I embroidered for myself a year or so ago (video here). And I still love it too this day. The tshirt dress has become a new regular because its comfortable as heck and the shoes hardly leave my feet these days because I'm really just a creature of habit

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