why & how I became vegan

It seems incredibly contradictory for me to start talking about veganism more on my blog without fully explaining how I came to be one. 

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When I was about 9 I became a vegetarian. I loved cows (still do) and through a burger king ad I was made very aware of where the meat I was eating was coming from. It horrified me. And to this day I remember defiantly standing in a supermarket by a trolley telling my mum I was now a vegetarian and would not eat that ham. Ultimately she was incredibly supportive and let me be a vegetarian. Little did she know that it wasn't a passing phase. And instead it became a huge part of my identity and belief system. 

Towards the end of 2014 I started to seriously consider going vegan. I'm not 100% sure how I stumbled into the movement but it could have very well been youtube. My eyes were opening up to the kind of lives animals lived to produce dairy products. Honestly, I had no idea that in order to produce milk, cows had to have a baby first. My love of cows comes from when I was still in a pram and I was finally starting to understand the pain they had to go through. It broke my heart. I started to toy around with the idea and voiced it to other people. I'll be real, I used to think vegans were weird extremist. And I could understand why when I voiced this new idea to people they were not so supportive. So the idea kept being pushed back. 

Until one night in march 2015. My heart was raw and cut open from the death of my Aunty. I had been practicing yoga to get more ok, I was unemployed and feeling pretty down about myself. I had started consuming far more youtube than I care to admit. Essena O'neill was the girl who actually pushed me to go vegan and for that reason I'll always hold a soft spot for her in my heart. I was sitting there watching a video about how her life changed one year on from veganism. There was a sunflower in the background. Her hair was beautiful. The room was bright and light. And she had an amazing smile that beamed. My Mum was sitting on the opposite sofa. And suddenly I blurted out 'I THINK I'M VEGAN'. She said 'well then if you think you are, YOU ARE'. And that was that. March 17th 2015.  

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Its funny, because in just over 3 weeks I will have been a vegan for 3 years. In my time of being vegan I've dealt with so much negativity, one particular instance with a doctor (I'll explain another time). Been totally scared to post online about it because I don't want to vegan-police to come after me. I've been subject to terrible vegan jokes. And also sat at restaurants where I was served nothing but plain rice. But its been worth it. Because the positives far outweigh those negatives. I know in my heart that I've inspired other people to take my lead or to minimise there meat consumption. Even down to my own partner Luke. I've learnt how to bake a damn good vegan cake. And who can forget the cookies? And I know I haven't contributed to the cruel unjust deaths and lives of animals who are a part of this commercialisation. And I haven't hurt a cow. Not one freaking bit. And that makes everything worth it. Because cows, still to this day are my favourite animal. 

I'm not a nutritionist. I don't know everything (still learning). And I'm not perfect. But I am sharing my journey with you. The good, the bad and what I've learnt along the way. I am so excited to be sharing more of veganism, something I'm so incredibly passionate about, here on Urban Wild. It truly feels more me.

Veganism isn't about lack or limitation. Its just about discovering a new way to cook and eat food. A way that doesn't come at the cost of someone else's life. And a way that is still delicious and nourishing to your body, mind and soul.

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