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I'm still milking that theme of love * cough * the old valentines. Luke went away this past weekend for work. So I did what I always do when he goes away. After a long stint of moping around (because Luke is my main motivator / cheerleader) I'll get cosy on the sofa and bring out the chick flicks. My favourite movies that I watch over and over again, but ones that my dear Luke has no interest in. So I save him the trouble of sitting through these films and watch them when he is away. Sometimes with pizza. Maybe with a candle on so the house ends up smelling like a delicious caramel factory. When Luke goes away this is my go to self indulgent activity. So I thought I'd share with you my favourite chick flicks. It makes sense too, because this week its all about those soppy romantic feels.


2009 - Directed by Nora Ephron

I have watched this more times than I can remember. In fact in the month of Jan I watched it about 4 times. As the name suggests it centres around Julie Child (the cook) and Julia Powell (the blogger). Yup. Its about blogging at its heart and I'll be totally honest it was one of the factors that motivated me to start my own blog all those years ago. Staring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams its a true gem! 


2010 - Directed by Anand Tucker

Irish guy. need I say more? I text Luke the other day and told him I had a crush on Declan (portrayed by Matthew Goode). It also stars Amy Adams again as the lead gal and follows her as she goes to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend. On the way she ends up meeting Declan, and I'm sure you can work the rest out. Its got this funny humour to it that I love and makes you feel all soppy too! Just like Julie and Julia I've watched this time and time again. Its my fav! Plus Irish accent!! Need I say more


2013 - Directed by Richard Curtis

Ahhh. About time. Just thinking about it makes me get those warm and fuzzies haha. Staring Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson and BILL NIGHY (my fav actor). Its all about this guy called Tim who learns that he can travel in time. He resolves to use his ability to get a girlfriend. And the story ultimately follows his life through love, loss and heartbreak when his dad dies. Its such a beautiful film to be honest and boils down to the concept that you should just make the most of the time you have. LOVE IT!


2010 - Directed by Will Gluck

Admittedly, I haven't watched this in the last year or two but in all likelihood I've watched it more times that I can count on both hands. It is one of my go tos when I'm looking for one of those girly films. Staring Emma Stone as Olive, a high school student. It follows her as she gets tangled in a web of lies mainly fuelled by high school rumours. Lots of 80s film references. My favourite quote from the film "GIVE THEM HELL".


Hounourable mentions go to THE WEDDING PLANNER (2001 - directed by Adam Shankman)My first taste of chick flick films when I was a wee tot and lead to me wanting to be an actual wedding planner. Perhaps why I love planning parties and dinners so much. Staring JLo whats not to like?

Also totally not the soppy type of movie but I've never laughed so hard. THOR: RAGNAROK (2017 - directed by Taika Waititi). Taika is a New Zealander and the kiwi humour in this film is so strong. If you need a laugh and the traditional sop movies aren't your taste, try this scifi.

In my heart I love a good movie. I am a video editor after all haha. If you have any recommendations leave them down below. I just thought this lil roundup might be a fun thing to do for V day week!! Hope you feel all the love and good vibes. xxx

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