giant knit

Admittedly, asking for a giant knitted cardigan for christmas (which is in the sweltering summer here in NZ) is a bit weird. But this urban outfitters gem is one made of my dreams so on to the christmas list it went. And lo and behold, it arrived at my house courtesy of my nan on christmas eve. 

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91694d5e-fac0-4314-a763-abb88f84a3cd 2.jpg

I honestly love the thing. And I've been reaching it for more than I should. My two other cardigans look on in envy, because this has quickly become my go to for work. I mean its like wearing a blanket. And being cosy at work makes it a tiny bit bearable. So if I can wear a blanket to work, or anywhere for that matter, I'll do it. 

Here is the link to the cardi and FYI its on sale now. I literally have to stay away from UO because I want to put everything in my cart. But I literally don't have the money to do so. But in saying that I'm seriously considering buying the same cardigan in an oaty colour out of my next pay.

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