How new intimates helped with my depression


yaup. thats basically it. I brought some new undies and damn does it feel good. 

In this post I'm going to be totally honest with you. Maybe if you're not a fan of TMI its time to hit close on this tab now. But its not the gross kind of TMI. Its the cool kind. Where we talk about undergarments and how they can actually make you feel ten times better. 

You see the thing with my depression is that i slowly stopped looking after myself and I started to become super insecure. I didn't realise how insecure I had become (in my appearance) until Tara mentioned I hadn't posted a photo of myself on instagram in eons! My self esteem is pretty low at the moment and ngl every time I look in the mirror I pick myself apart with that negative self talk. Its not a fun time. 

For the longest time my happiness has been largely linked with my physical appearance and I think this is true of a lot of women. I had my first eating disorder when I was five because I thought I was fat. And then in highschool had full blown anorexia that lasted well into my university years. Even now my self image is skewed and my self loathing is high.

So to try and combat this I thought it was high time to start taking care of my appearance again. Starting with the very basics. Intimates. It seems trivial I know, but trust me, what you wear closest to your skin makes a huge difference. 

For the longest time (maybe two years) I've been wearing the same type of underwear. Very plain. Very comfy. Very standard. And from Kmart no less. In my mind there was nothing wrong with them. I mean there really isn't anything wrong in comfy undies. And I'll be the first to say that there is nooooothing at all wrong with Kmart undies too. BUT  getting new undies can do your self esteem and (for me) depression a world of good. Having a well curated selection of intimates to pick from each day is an instant mood lifter.  And I'm going to go ahead and say its the best way to start your day with a big dose of positivity.

It always confuses me how such little fabric can be so pricey. I mean it covers the smallest part of your body. Why has it got to be $200 or something for a cute and sexy matching set? I suppose that is part of the reason I stuck to my trusty kmart goodies. Plus I had it in my head that lacy underwear sucks balls and are the most uncomfortable thing made on this planet. 

But I was wrong. 

About two weeks ago armed with a voucher for westfield Luke and I went to the mall. It was packed. But my mission was clear. New underwear that was affordable and comfortable. I went to cotton on Body; naturally. And ended up buying a night dress (naturally). BUT also walked away with five new pairs of black underwear (tmi I only wear black ones). These ones were lacy and I got five for $35 as they had some crazy deal going on so they ticked those boxes. AND the good news is they are damn comfortable too. Like oh my word I had no idea this world existed. Lace, affordable, sexy and comfort never lived in the same realm in my mind. 

For me; getting these things that no one else sees was the first act of self love and self care I had taken in a long time (maybe my tattoo was an act of self love too?). Because they totally are just for me and make a huge difference in the way I carry myself on a day to day basis. 

So if you're feeling a little bit low self confidence wise; try getting some new intimates. Because it really does help! 

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