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Welcome to EDT. And happpppy Sunday! In case you've forgotten, or if you are new around here. EDT is a bi-weekly series where I share things from the internet that I've been loving, my highs and lows and general good stuff. On the other week I send out a bi-weekly newsletter, so if you want to join the club, do so here

ALSO, may I say, HAPPY OCTOBER. Woah. Where has the year gone? And how are we already in a new month? 

What is your intention this month? I'm still not entirely sure on mine. But I think it will be something along the lines of self love and self care.

The photo? Totally wishing I was back here. Luke and I ended up getting lost and went to Muriwai last weekend. We ate chips and burgers on the sand dunes and dog watched. It was really nice.


Of my week

As always, lets kick it off with the highs and lows of my week. Well, roughly I guess, because I dont want to over share. 


+ Later today (when I get off work) we are going to the beach! I've had mad cravings this week. Like I've wanted to go for a walk at the beach since tuesday. But it just hasn't worked out for us timing wise. So Sunday it is, exactly a week after we ended up in Muriwai. Which was a really fun adventure! 

+ Having a kind and patient partner who helps me through this horrible time in my life. 

+ Went to mexican with Cait and it was lovely!

+ My therapist is pretty cool. 

+ Luke and I went to Gaia (my lil cousins) bday! And she turned 8. They had roast chicken because thats her fav. But there was also lots of roast vege. And apple pie and vegan icecream for desert. I left being so full. 


+ Family fights

+ Being unmotivated, tired and blue. Which has been the theme for the past week or so tbh.

+ After Mexican with Cait I had a panic attack while driving home. Not so lovely. 

+ I want a dog.

+ Feelings and a general lowness that is inside me right now. 

+ Not having in of that vegan nutella left that I talked about in the last EDT

Enough about that. Let's get in to some of the juicy stuff from the internet I've been wanting to share lately! This past week I've been cataloging stuff in my mind that I wanted to add to this post


A lot of my youtube history has been a mixture of rough collie puppy videos, #vanlife videos (they're all about people who convert vans to live in and go live in them travelling. which is what Luke and I want to do further down the line) and exploring abandoned places. So like, not much worth recommending. If I'm being honest a good 85% of my history is van videos.

x BEING A HOMELESS LADY I watched this short video on homeless females dealing with hygiene and honestly it was so interesting to get an insight into this kind of life. And the hardships that these women endure. watch it here

x SPIDERMAN MOVIE I did watch the latest spiderman movie for the first time and it was theeee funniest. I laughed so hard.


Have I been reading? Hmm. 

x WHAT OLIVIA DID I've been loving Olivia's corner of the internet lately. Last week she relaunched her blog with a whole new image and I was patiently refreshing my browser all morning until I got to see it. Time zones are a funny thing. Its a really pretty space filled with great content that I enjoy. Visit here

x WIT & DELIGHT Two posts from W&D have been lingering on my tabs this week and I swear I will get to reading them. I really do want to. One is titled Do Less Now – 7 Ways to Simplify Your Life and the other Why Being Selfish Isn’t Always a Bad Thing. Read them here and here 


OK. Big list coming for you now. 

x CERAMICS BY MAGNOLIA MOUNTAIN So, let me give you the lowdown. I've been following MM for a while on insta. And have been rather smitten with their ceramics (in particular mugs) inspired by nature. They release collections every so often and every time i miss it. They released one this past thursday and I swore I wouldn't miss out. But surprise surprise I completely forgot!! If you have time to have a peak do it!! see them here 

x ALETHEIA AND PHOS RINGS A&P have released some new rings. bohemian. stackable. its got my name written all over it. But it'll cost me an arm and maybe a leg for a set. So best be saving up! see them here

x BDG CARDIGAN OF DREAMS I love cardingans. They're like acceptable blankets that I can wear to work. So I saw this oversized cardi in someones vlog. And the next day it was in my inbox in the Urban Outfitters newsletter. Is it destiny? I think its meant to be. I'm pretty sad we are heading toward summer, because I just had a look at all the knits on UO, and damn theyre good! BDG oversized cardi here

As always, if you have any recomendations pop them in the comments below! For now, I'm going to be counting down the ours till I'm at the beach. Honestly such a calming place for me. 

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