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At Home With is a (probably monthly) interview series taking a peek into the personal lives and home decor of urban souls, some i know and some I don’t. Its an insight into a persons mind and space, as we all know often times the space we live in reflects what is going on in our brain. My hope is to not only inspire us to live beautifully and gather tips on creating a space to call home. But also to delve behind closed doors and realise that all our differences are unique and that is exactly what makes us beautiful.

Today I am super excited to have one of my dearest friends on the blog as a part of At Home With. Tara is a blogger, youtuber and currently studying fashion in Melbourne. Prior to that she lived in AKL, NZ and because of that we used to go on many coffee dates. But that also means that she has her life spread across two countries. Let's get to her interview. 

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Where do you live? And how long have you been living there for?

I'm currently living in a flat in Melbourne with a couple and their dog Jungle. I've been living here since August while I'm studying Fashion Design. Before that I lived in Auckland (New Zealand) in my family home. I'd lived there for about 24years so it's kind of still weird for me to be living away from home!

What is one of your favourite spaces in your home?

My favourite space is probably my room which is the space I have to call my own. It was so nice to unpack the belongings I bought over from NZ and curate my cosy space. I also love my desk which is from ikea and can be made higher or lower. 

How would you describe your home decor style?

It's pretty minimal style colour and furniture wise, but I also have a lot of stuff like stationery for uni which makes it less minimal haha. I like the combo of wood and white furniture with grey textiles and accents. 

Who or what inspired you with your decor?

I like to collect interior inspiration on my tumblr and pinterest it really helped me refine the kind of decor I liked and gave me some inspiration for my space. I also really enjoy watching videos about small spaces and transforming furniture that are also a decor piece. These inspired my choice of desk as it not only looks nice but it can change height depending on my needs and also doubles as storage.

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At first an empty room can be daunting. How did you take the first step to creating a space to call your own?

My room wasn't fully empty when I moved in which made it a bit easier. I made it my own by getting my own sheets on and putting up some polaroids of friends and family. If anything I had to rein myself in since I had to narrow down my ideas and wants to fit the small space. 

Fav place to shop?

The great thing about being in Australia is there's Ikea here! I'd say that's my favourite place to shop. In my bedroom in NZ I've got a couple of things from an Ikea importer but the range is much bigger in actual Ikea. I also love going into Ikea and getting inspired by their display rooms and how they've used the different furniture to create a space. I'd really like to shop for some plants but since I'm moving home over summer break it doesn't make sense to get any yet. 

Best tip for someone decorating their space?

Take your time. I think it's tempting to buy everything you want straight away but you might buy things you didn't end up needing. I think its good to live in the space for a bit and figure out what will work and make it better then go with a list to find what you need. Also make sure you sort out your storage especially in a small space. Having storage with lids or doors is also great as it will help a space look tidy and less cluttere

What is your fav item in your home?

If you couldn't tell from how many times I've already mentioned it, probably my desk haha. It's such a cosy little functional space with the grid board and fairy lights. I also think it will still be great if I move into a bigger space. I have this vision of getting a huge table top for the legs and creating a big work bench.

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What's it like living across two countries?

It's definitely a bit weird. Recently I visited NZ and I kept saying "I'm going home!" but then going back to Melbourne felt like going home too? It's kind of strange having my belongings split between two places but does mean you can shop your own closet and rediscover things you love when you go between them haha

What do you miss most about your home in NZ?

Definitely the people. All my close friends and family are in NZ so that's been hard being so far away. 

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What is the biggest thing you've learnt by shifting countries? 

Even though Australia and New Zealand are quite similar in many ways, there are also a lot that is different. It's a strange learning process being in a foreign land as an international student (though sometimes I forget I'm technically international haha). I have learnt that I am very much a New Zealander, and I become very aware that I actually have a strong accent haha. 

Where do you see yourself living in a year and then in three years?

In a years time I know I'll be back in Melbourne doing my third semester of my Fashion Design degree, but three years is a bit of a mystery. Will I be working for a fashion brand? Will I have started my own brand? Will I have returned to dietetics? Only time will tell! 

I'm so stoked to have had Tara on URBN WILD for this series. I think its interesting to see how she lives 'cross-country'. And of course, seeing a sneak peak into her space and what it means to her. Thanks for taking part Tara!! It means so much.

You can find Tara on her youtube, blog or insta!! 

If you want to take part in this series shoot me an email at We would love to have you on the blog! 

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