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Good morning, good morning. Happy Sunday! And welcome to another edition of EDT. A post where I share all of the cool things from the internet, This is its new home; bi weekly - sunday mornings at 10am. The other week being when KINDRED (the biweekly newsletter of the same nature) gets sent out. if you haven't subscribed, do so here

 nutella on toast. VEGAN NUTELLA. Read about it in the highs of this week!

nutella on toast. VEGAN NUTELLA. Read about it in the highs of this week!


All the good and bad things from my past week. 


+ Panic attacks and feeling so damn sad.

+ When you edit something for TV but then it can't get played because you didn't realise that the cool song you picked actually has a swear word in it. LOL. 

+ Avoiding peoples texts like its someone with the plague because you're feeling that low. 

+ Not having essential oil for your diffuser you got last week.

+ When you're writing this post and wrote 80% of it and then it deletes a whole section and you don't know how to go back. URGH.



+ Boyfriends who hug you tight when you're crying.

+ Having a really great therapy sesh where you talk about one of the bigger things that troubles you. Whats cooler is when you walk away feeling happier and lighter than ever. 

+ Beach walks. 

+ SKILL SHARE! Two nights ago I got SKILLSHARE. and its so cool when you find a tutorial that aligns well with you. I watched one last night about personal branding and tonight I watched one about decorating cakes with flowers. Honestly there is soooo many things to delve into. I've favourited a lot of illustration and ceramic things! cos this girl wants to get crafty. When you sign up using this link you get two months free!! i mean its free! What have you got to loose? Also; this is totally not sponsored. I just have this link so why not! DOOO IT

+ VEGAN NUTELLA. This is not a drill. Recipe will be in this weeks vlog! Make sure you subscribe to my youtube to make sure you're up to date. 

+ THREE DAY WEEKENDS. HOLLLLLA. Wait; I do have a three day weekend right? I should check that.

+ I just changed my youtube url to https://www.youtube.com/c/URBNWILD WOO WOOOO. 

+ Did I mention I made vegan nutella????!?!


I wrote a really extensive list of podcasts in last weeks edt. And honestly since then not much has changed. I do love a good podcast and I'm always on the hunt for new ones, so if you have any to share PLEASE DO! 

x GIRLBOSS released a podcast this week interviewing Kelly Mullens Brown. And honestly I just felt so damn inspired by it. She was the kindest soul and so interesting to listen to. HERE


x TALKING IN CIRCLES Since mentioning it in last weeks EDT I've been rewatching a lot of Laura's old videos. They're wonderfully made and super interesting; think self care related stuff, negative self talk, social media all the good stuff ya know. Literally, her videos make me feel good. HERE

x I COVET THEE I only recently stumbled into Alix's channel but quickly fell in love with her vlogs and sweet vibe. HERE

x HELLO OCTOBER And Alix's channel lead me to Suzie's. I love Suzie's vibe too though I did cry when watching one of her vlogs and she said she got a new puppy. HERE

x FURRY LITTLE PEACH Her videos are so cool. She's so cool. She is an australian based artist and I just really enjoy her content! HERE


x THE OH NINE ok. ok. so technically I haven't read it yet; but I know it'll be good. I've had the tab open for the past week so I'll get to it. Kiwi blog THE OH NINE have just released a series of interviews called 'GUYS ON MENTAL HEALTH' and its legit; guys on mental health. I think its cool because i haven't really seen too many interviews in the blog world about mental health, particularly from a NZ perspective; particularly from guys. I know this will be a great read. HERE


x Some essential oils for my diffuser lol. Though I am going to buy these tomorrow anyway. 

x I walked past seed heritage today and there were soooo many clothes I wanted to get. BUT I'm not buying any clothes until I've redefined my wardrobe. And make sure i have a clear concise look I'm going for. 

x We still don't have a bed base; because we couldn't get it upstairs (kinda funny). So I'd buy that, bed side tables, an occasional chair bc its so hard to find one we like, and a sofa bed for the office. Yeah, honestly that is what I really want right now. 

x HAZELNUTS! So i can make more vegan nutella. 

Alright alright. That has taken much longer than it needed to. So right now I'm going to hit publish and go get me some vegan nutella. Honestly; its damn good. Can't wait to share it with you.

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