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Hello! And welcome to the new iteration of edt. Where its more abut things I want to share on the internet, rather than me just blabbing on. THOUGH  there will still be a bit of that too! 



HIGHS AND LOWS of my week. which is what its going to be called for now before i think of something more me! Kinda like a mini recap without going to deep and lengthy into things. 


- I only have one day off! Which is today. So I tried to squish two days of activities into one. LOL 

- Been feeling super anxious and not replying to peoples messages or giving too much of a fark. 

- Speaking of anxiety had a few panic attacks this week but tbh thats kinda regular thing. 

- I have had this major neck pain for the past two days and its HORRRRRIBLE! And a bad ass neck rash from stress.


+ Spent the arvo with mama bear which was nice. And saw my puppies (who are fully grown dogs fyi)

+ Had a good food week. Made (vegan) lentil / mince potato top pies and hot wings that were actually cauliflower and put them into tacos. Even luke liked them and hes not that into cauli.

+ I'm doing a 'social media' cleanse because looking at instagram has been making me feel sad and inferior. So I'll still be posting. But putting a hold on scrolling. 

+ I brought a diffuser tonight and I'm soooo excited to defuse some scents around the house. My councellor has been talking about how good it is and I'm 10/10 sure its going to become part of my night routine to put some calmig scents around the house. 

+ I'm going to (finally) send out the first issue of Kindred. Which is my bi-weekly newsletter. I still haven't figured out the routine of when these posts will go live and kindred will be sent out. Probably on different weeks. But for now its the same week! If you haven't subscribed you can do here

Lets delve into some links of things I've been liking lately! 


x TALKING IN CIRCLES. The amazing Laura Miller now has a podcast! And I've been listening to each and every one. Her episode this week was about living with someone who has depression. And she sat down and interviewed her husband on it. It was the funniest shit. And she shared some great advice and thoughts. I liked it a lot and shared it with Luke because I thought he would get something out of it too. HERE

x GIRLBOSS radio is back. And honestly its damn good. The whole premise of it is that they are looking to redefine what success means! And in doing so they interview some cool people like Gwyneth Paltrow. Audio wise its constructed really well and has become more than just an interview but a layered piece of story telling. And we all know I'm a big fan of layered audio situations. HERE

x THE HEART OF IT with Estee Lalonde. I'm not even sure when this happened but Estee has a podcast where she takes a topic and 'gets to the heart of it'. She released a bit of a podcast version and it was so cool and I'm looking forward to more. So check it out! HERE

x VIDEO. A wee while ago I made a video about podcasts I had been listening to. So if you need any other recommendations; aside from the two above which are my current go to (along with Will and Ardens CRASH ON MY COUCH) here you go! WATCH HERE




Two youtube channel recommendations today! 

x WILD WE ROAM. The most beautiful story telling and documentation. Like I just love the way they construct their videos. Lost on the mountain and The Grit Rock are pretty good ones! Stories of their adventures overseas and I guess their life! HERE

x LWANY. This lady is the definition of cool! and hopefully we will get her for an interview over here soon! She is a stylist, has a cute dog called Kansas and makes short videos for 'shorties' filled with style tips. They are so fun! And give me heaps of inspo. HERE

x KITTY COTTEN. Been loving Kitty's channel lately. She gives me the chillest vibes. And her videos are nice! HERE

x CHANNEL NOTES. Michelle from Muchelle B (read her interview here) has a second channel all about doing youtube authentically. Today she posted a video sharing a sort of monthly review and talking about her goals etc. and it was inspiring and interesting to see her grow alongside these goals.HERE



I stopped reading blogs and got heavily into youtube. BUT this week I decided to switch it up. It was real good to just 'consume' in a different way. 

x NEW DARLINGS been reading a lot of their blog lately. And just going through their archives. They got a new layout too so its looking extra pretty. HERE

x LARSON HOUSE. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has her own blog more about her personal life. She shared a post about 'matching' and not in the tinder way. But in the adoption way! And it was sooo sweet. Idk maybe I'm just a nosey person. But I liked reading this one. HERE



I just brought myself two new books because Mum gifted me some money! BUT if i had more money, this is the kinda stuff I'd buy. 

x If I could I'd get anythhhhing from REFORMATION. They had a sale a few weeks ago. And this dress made it into my basket. But when I got to the checkout i couldn't justify the price it was going to be to ship it here. sigh. 

x Most likely the next thing I'm going to buy if I'm honest. I've been looking at getting some things from Herbivore. And this SEA MIST SPRAY is what I'll be buying next pay.

x Next pay also going to buy some THINX because periods suck and I hate pads (tmi). So it'll make things so much better.  

And thats that! If you have any cool things on the internet to share please GO AHEAD! I told ya this one would be 'blabby' too. Honestly, I just can't help myself! 


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