At Home with Luke & Brit


I've dragged my better half into the mix. I actually sat him down on the sofa to interview him and we went around and photographed our space together. 

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Where do you live? And how long have you been living there for?

B: We live in Auckland, NZ in a three bed house (one is our office). And we have been living here since May!

L: I live on the northshore in a specific place for just over three months.

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What is one of your favourite spaces in your home?

B: Currently, I love our sofa. I recently purchased some nice (cough expensive) cushions for it and it just makes the whole room cosy. Our house is slowly evolving as we live in it and I love seeing how it develops.

L: The office; because thats my kind of man cave. But its shared with Brit too. Its where I spend my free time. We have a beautiful trestle table desk that we created. Its one of my fav features. And our first 'semi' DIY because it basically just involved assembling pieces. I also love the sofa and the lounge, because its so homely and comfortable. Its my happy place.

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How would you describe your home decor style?

B: Modern Boho

L: Semi minimalist kind of bohemian


Who or what inspired you with your decor?

B: Before we got the keys to our house I made a mood board / colour scheme. 

L: My favourite blogger (haha Brit). We started a pinterest page. It gave us some good ideas.

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At first an empty room can be daunting. How did you take the first step to creating a space to call your own?

B: The moodboard thing really helped! Having two images that were what we saw in our head printed out on a tiny piece of paper just kept our ideas focused. We wrote a long detailed list of every room in the house, and what we needed. I even drew up a floor plan of how we wanted it to be! I let my imagination go wild but also recognised that growing our space is a slow process. And I'm ok with that. its going to take time, and your space will grow with you.

L: We smashed heads together and both put ideas down on paper that we liked. We agreed on some and disagreed on others. Then we set out a floor plan for all the rooms, and once we were comfortable with what we had we went shopping!

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Fav place to shop?

B: I am a fan of kmart! Also a new shop called Crave in birkenhead. Wildly expensive but me to a t!

L: (Luke quietly thinks for a long time. hmm) We found an ikea import shop (bc they don't have it here) in Glenfield and that houses everything you could want. Nearly. 

Best tip for someone decorating their space?

B: MAKE A MOODBOARD! And also remember you have to live in this space, its not a show room!

L: Keep it simple bc that keeps things easy to clean! Avoid clutter (we both hate clutter). 

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What is your favourite item in you house?

B: The shell collection. Its all these bits of nature Luke and I have collected and it makes me happy looking at it. Also the mugs and plates. DUH. 

L: Its my bonsai tree! Its a very special bonsai tree. Its the first living plant that I've ever owned. Britney got it for me for christmas one year, because the previous year she killed the one I got her. 

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Most unfinished area of the house?

B: HA. The bedroom. Funny story, we couldn't get our bed base upstairs so our bed is on the floor. Still, after so many months. Reason for that is because we want to DIY a bed base. But the idea of making a bed base (and our biggest DIY project yet) is scary. So we are just pushing it to the back of our minds. 

L: Also our office. We got it all set up within the week we moved in. Like even before we properly had a kitchen table and stuff. But since then we've just left draws empty and things in stacks. Brit has a mass of trinkets that are meant to go around the house but are just sitting on a shelf. We'll get to it eventually.

Most recent project?

B: We put up our gallery wall this past week or so. I saw the idea of a gallery wall on a vlog by The Sorry Girls ages ago. Before we even moved in with each other. And knew I wanted one. One of the shelves fell down though. Its kinda laughable. The leaf on the shelf is from a tree that we had our nearly-first kiss under. 

L: And one of the photos in the kitchen fell down too. The whole frame shattered. The pictures in the kitchen are from a magazine. Britney ripped them out one night. But I think they look pretty cool. 

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B: And that is our space! it was fun interviewing Luke and documenting our space. 

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