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Two weeks went by so damn fast and here I am sitting down (admittedly at work #multitasking) getting the next edt. post out. So lets get on with it.


The past few weeks i've been feeling super lost, a bit ho-hum and a lil all over the place. So i've been devouring all I can on what is known as 'finding your purpose'. I stumbled upon this piece on the GIRLBOSS website written by Bianca Venerayan. Its titled "Don't have it all figured out in your 20s? Thats ok, and here's why". It was so reassuring to hear that people are and have been going through the same lost phase as I am right now. Whats more, they make it out alive. As morbid as that sounded as I typed it was just nice to know that i'll be ok. She ended with a phrase of watering your garden. And if you water it enough it will grow. I need some watering. haha. 

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Issy came to stay on my days off



Last edt. post I shared with you some of the blogs I was reading lately. Today I wanted to switch gears and pay some attention to some youtubers I've been loving. 

     - ARDEN ROSE I've mentioned Arden before but I'm gonna do it again. Shes just so down to earth which I adore. Her videos make me happy. And i think she's real cool. watch her here

     - FURRY LITTLE PEACH Sha'an is a full time illustrator and visual artist from Sydney. and I've been loving her vlogs lately. Shes just so chill and has that type of personality that is like light. watch her here

     - ORION CARLOTO She came up in my recommendations and the first video I watched was a Q+A and usually I can't sit through Q+As but this one was different. she is quirky and has a great personality. I haven't watched much of her stuff but she is defo one to keep an eye on  watch her here



This week I also wanted to share with you two podcasts I've been listening to. I'm a big fan of podcasts and listen to them a lot while I'm driving. 

     - EAR HUSTLE I listened to this new podcast called EAR HUSTLE. It hasn't actually started yet. There was just a little preview . It is all about what its like to be living in prison. Made by prisoners and within the prison walls. I highly recommend getting on this bc its going to be wild. 

      - THE HEART I've mentioned The Heart before but this latest season entitled 'NO' has been delving into Kaitlin Prest's personal story surrounding relationships and the ability to say 'NO' when it comes to sex. its super interesting. 


You can read the screenshot of text I sent Luke this morning. They are littered with typos because I was driving and using the voice thing to try and write my thoughts. But basically i've been feeling super unmotivated regarding my creativity. And I realise I go through these phases so much. Like spaces of not caring. Spaces of not wanting to do anything and not create. Even though I have things i want to create and videos i'm working on. They sit unedited because I just can't find it in me to do it. I hate that feeling. But thats where I've been lately. And I was thinking maybe I should just stop creating while this 'depressed version' of myself is in charge of me. Maybe I should stop blogging etc. Luke said I should fight through it. Because creating for me is good. And like, what else would I do in my spare time haha. 




These past fortnight has been weird. Like so many changes within two weeks. So I may as well lay it all out for you. 

     - I resigned from my job

     - I got a new job (still in the same building but for a different company in a different role)

     - I got an internship working for a company I really love, doing social media and blogging stuff 

     - New counsellor 




Because friends are leaving or just not being my friend anymore and it makes me sad and feel lonely. but like, tmi. I'm not here to overshare haha. (even tho I really have today) 

And thats that. Hope you have an amazing weeeeek!! I'm going to try get back to reality soon. 

I also made an instagram for URBN WILD. just as a side note haha.

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