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Its monday. But last night I fell asleep on the sofa and completely forgot to do this. I can honestly say this past week has been the most exhausting ever. I just had a nap at work for one hour. I've never had an accidental nap at work. So point in case. SOOOO, let's catch up on things shall we???

 View from my dad's hotel room. I like the perspective. it makes everything look pretty small doesn't it.

View from my dad's hotel room. I like the perspective. it makes everything look pretty small doesn't it.


I've not been blogging a lot lately. I mean this past week I did nothing to do with this blog. And honestly i love this online thing I do. But damn sometimes I take breaks from it and they're so unintentional. Just know, that i do want to come back. But I'm dealing with a lot mentally and generally my passion projects are the first to get thrown out the window! I want to blog more regularly ok. And I have so many ideas and things churning away in my head. i don't even know what I'm rambling about here. But i just wanted to say it. 


the jacket

all done!! What do you think?


So about an half an hour ago Luke and I watched Life. and oh my god. ITS SO GOOD. It had me on the edge of my seat. Was a scifi movie about a life form that originated from mars. You should watch it!! Bc its insane. AND SO INTENSE. 



I've been making notes all week for this segment. SO here goes!! SOME NEW YOUTUBERS TO WATCH! 

     - ALICIA CLAIRE   She's honestly a sweetheart. Her videos are a mix of beauty and fashion. I just think shes cool! Watch her here.

     BRYCE AND HAILEY ok. so they're super chill and say 'rad' and 'sick' a lot. But I watched one of their thrifting videos and Hailey is the sweetest lil human. they make vlogs watch them here.


A secret little courtyard in the heart of the city. On highstreet you'll find Chuffed. Its a damn nice spot and they have good coffee too!


Why was this week the most overwhelming ever? WELL. Let me tell you. Monday and Tuesday were standard work days. Wednesday I acted in a TVC (wooo!). My role was small but my call time was 645. And naturally I felt a bit nervy about it. I did it tho. And I did a good job too. Thursday I had a full day planned out even tho at one point I did have an hour nap in the back seat of my

car. I left the house at 9 and got home 12 hours later. Friday I had another full, jam packed day. I had my first day at my internship (woo), followed by coffee and an event with Tara and Ellen, sharply followed by coffee with my dad. All those things were anxiety inducing tbh. Saturday was a standard work day. And then Sunday was the SPCA followed by mums w/ all my cousins. SO THIS WEEK, ITS BEEN FULL ON. I tried to vlog it tho! So thats fun. 


This is REEF

The Mondays Dog. I started my internship this past week. And on the first day there was a dog in the office. Whats not to love????



makes any day at work worth it!! 


On set

with a 645am call time. But it was fun so thats ok!


Back on that gym buzz as of tonight. I did day one legs of BBG Stronger and damn it I can feel it already. It felt sooooo good even though it took luke and I a good few weeks to drag ourselves back to it. We are getting back on track with looking after ourselves and I'll be honest in saying I want to up my fitness levels and drop some weight too. Not because I think I'm fat (sometimes I do but thats defo a hangover from those Anorexic days). But because I want to be comfortable and happy in my own skin. The idea of that, it excites me. 



So I was at work the other day and realised that this is my life (dumb thought but stick with it). If I want something I need to go get it. And so do you! I think its easy for us to get into a routine and stuck in these ways. But if you want something, make it happen.  

So that is all I really have to say right now. A quick little catchup on whats happening in the world of me. This past week there have been a lot of panic attacks, plenty of unformed / unfinished thoughts, unprocessed feelings and a lot of coffee too. Even though right now I'm drinking tea to try and get myself to sleep. There have been a fair few accidental naps, and on Saturday I slept through all my alarms and woke up 10 mins before I was due to be at work. Its be a roller coaster. But now I'm here at the start of a new week and I MADE IT HAHA. I feel good. 

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