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I'm here to officially reinstate EDT. I'm a big fan of those weekly wrap up posts. And lately I've been thinking of all kinds of things I've been wanting to share. But lets be real. My track record with these things is iffy at best. So EDT; a collection of rad things i've come across, photos from throughout the week and my sometimes mundane thoughts will be 'released' biweekly on sundays. with much else to say on that topic. lets begin. 


I'm currently working on a narrative video about friends moving overseas. Its super long. But I'm so excited about it.


Two songs have been on repeat lately and I HAVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH THEM. DUH. Or else why would they get replayed. In no particular order: BELIEVER by IMAGINE DRAGONS and THE NIGHT WE MET by LORD HURONBoth incredibly different but SO DAMN GOOD.



I'm thinking of doing a video on smaller blogs that I read. Let me know if you're keen on that. But for now I want to share three. All kiwi. All awesome. 

        - GOOD RALLY Katherine Lowe and Leilani Momoisea quit their own blogs and joined together to make this awesome one. love their vibe and realness. READ

        - CAIT RAMMY friend of mine Caitlin writes this blog and her content has improved tenfold. She's an artist on a bit of a gap year and her posts just give me good vibes. so interesting to read. READ

        - FERN GRANT lovely Fern creates the most beautiful work. Shes honest and open about her world and shares her story alongside layered and textured images. She's awesome. READ




this is william. he got adopted before we could adopt him.

I think I fell in love with william because he looked so much like my girl Issy



Clearly I've not been posting and my regularity has gone out the window (I'm working on that). But I do have a reason. SURPRISE I've moved in with my partner Luke. We got a real nice house and have officially been living with each other for 18 days. If you follow me on insta, of course you'll know this already. Its been really lovely. I adore living in our new place and having so much light and space. Its really rad. 

My new room 

I'm madly, deeply, passionately in love with the natural light that floods in. I think this place is going to be magical for my mental health


I've had a lot of bad feelings lately. Y'all know i go to counselling. I've been open about that. And I've been thinking real hard if I want to share more of my mental health schtuff on here. I mean it is pretty public for me. I'm a private person. And potential employers read this stuff. As well as people I don't want to know anything about me (lol).  I mean I just freaked out at work because I told the room about how I went on an interview. So this, this is next level stuff. 

SO HERE GOES. I had to do a wee lil quiz in counselling as part of my handover to a new one. Annnnnd I was diagnosed offically with severe anxiety and severe depression. It was actually really hard to hear. This past week has been pretty shit house. I've been feeling very confused, lost, sad, dark. All types of overwhelming emotions. Some days are better but some days are just so much worse where I struggle to do anything worth while let alone creative. Which contributes to my lack of creativity around these parts. Despite moving houses (a huge life change) I've been feeling stagnant. And its only till yesterday I started to feel a bit better. Like the lul of darkness is lifting. 



On a much lighter note I've fallen in love with instagram stories. Sharing lil snippets of my life. A lot of my new house has been ft the past few days. So if ya want, follow me here



I've been doing a lot of embroidery lately. Its been something I've slowly been working on for the past year. My current project is to start selling vintage embroidered denim alongside my blog. But its still early days. 

And thats that. I actually really liked creating this post. Its so nice to get my creative juices flowing after feeling so stuck and stagnant for so long. Talk soon. I think I'll be shaking things up around these parts soon. 

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