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Last night I finished watching Girlboss on Netflix. Its all about this bad ass babe who gets shit done, based on real life Sophie Amoruso. After watching I thought it was about time I share with you the bad ass babes of Serendipity Ave, who are girlbosses themselves. And are dishing out fashion inspiration by the dozen.  

I'll be honest, I'm not even too sure where I first stumbled across the fashionable duo but I can tell you I love their work. They're bloggers. And their posts are filled with inspiration. They have also turned their blog into a curated fashion boutique. And what is more bad ass than that? Turning passion projects into jobs is a girlboss for sure. Their interview made me laugh a bunch. As I was reading through it it got me smiling to ear. And it is jam packed with beautiful, motivating advice. Just what we need for a day like today! Lets get to the interview. 

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What was the motivation behind starting your blog?

It really all just fell into place. We would meet up for coffee and be like "stand there. that looks cool" and we would snap it and load it up to our gram. We didn't really take it too seriously until people started to approach us to wear their brand. It sort of all grew from there.

You have a shop, tell us what that initial startup process was like and why did you want to start it?

We started our store in October 2016 after we started receiving DM's about where girls could buy a certain item we were wearing on the blog and advice on what top they should buy to go with a new pair of jeans they brought. We kind of just txted each other one day and was like "should we do this?" and from there we started our store. A lot of people don't know but we actually sold most of our wardrobe to fund buying our first lot of stock that went into our online store.  

Where do you see Serendipity Ave in the future, go on and tell us one goal.

In the future we see Serendipity Ave being a one stop website for girls who want to know about fashion beauty and lifestyle. Maybe even branch out into a concept store for the shop as well. We really just love creating fun content and being close with our followers, we hope it never ends. We are also big believers in empowering and inspiring fellow young women and men to just follow their passion and goals and make it happen! We are not entirely sure where Serendipity Ave will take us but we are enjoying the journey and are excited to see where we will be in a few years! 

How do you find working with each other, and balancing each others schedules?

Working with each other is the best decision we have ever made. We are so different in our personalities but have the same vision so we balance out each other really well. Our schedules are always hectic, juggling the blog, the shop, our wedding photography with our full time jobs - but a lot of planning goes into everything and a lot of wine is had lol. When we are down and very stressed we tend to remind ourselves that pressure makes diamonds and Beyonce has 24 hours in a day also! 

You two have full time jobs as well as blogging and running an online store, how do you guys keep it together and get shit done?

Not much sleep, one full day off during the week where we don't talk business, making sure we make each other laugh and a whole lot of coffee. Having really supportive partners is also a plus, they're our biggest fans lol.

If you could pass on some valuable info to other bad ass babes out there what would you tell them?

If you really want something in life, make it happen for yourself. Your dreams no matter how crazy or out there they are, they are worth it.

Another tip is networking is GOLD. Network the shit out of life. We have met so many amazing girlbosses and had so many opportunities we would never have had if we didn't put ourselves out there. #noshame! 

Tell us about a moment in your week where you felt on top of the world, like a freakin babe and being the boss of your own life; a BABE VIBE MOMENT

We made it through a whole 90 minutes of hot yoga! Does that count? Another girlboss moment was connecting with Girlboss Donielle who is the founder of Designer Wardrobe who we look up to a lot! She even accepted my friend request on FB! #Winning ! 

If you were an item of clothing (personality wise) what would you be?
I would be the Chanel Wallet on Chain, small yet powerful - Nami
I would be the Dionysus GG Supreme shoulder bag, its classic yet has a bit of sass about it! - Pas

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These babes are doing awesome things with their lives. If you need fashion advice or that last minute piece in your wardrobe they should be your first stop. my favourite piece right now is the Valencia Jumpsuit. For more motivation and inspiration be sure to check out the Serendipity Ave girls on instagram, their blog and shop. And a huge thankyou to Nami and Pascale for taking the time to pass on some valuable advice. xx

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