damn good date ideas

Alright. I've had a wee vacay from the internet again because life has got hectic BUT I'm back today to share some date ideas. Not just any date ideas, damn good date ideas. That are sure to get your significant other smiling. AND if you are currently a hot single pringle fear not. You can use these date ideas on your friends too. Because everyone deserves a little dose of love in their life. And it certainly doesn't have to be limited to romantic relationships. All of these can work for friend-dates too! These are just my personal experiences and advice. But every date should involve a little (cough a lot) of personalisation and thought to make it special. These date ideas aren't the best idea for first, second or maybe even third dates. Follow my advice at your discretion. So, on with it! 


I'm going to start with a banger; the most recent and boyfriend approved (actually labeled as BEST EVER) date. WHISKEY TASTING! Doesn't have to be whiskey if you don't drink whiskey. It could be gin, or wine. Heck, it could even be chocolate. I'm sure there are places that specialise in your favourite drink or snack of choice. I surprised Luke with a Whiskey Tasting at The Jefferson (Auckland's best whiskey bar)  for his birthday. AND IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER. We were hosted by an awesome barman who talked us through all these types of whiskeys and their stories. Not only that but at the end of the night he found us a whiskey that was made the same year as Luke was. Talk about special!!

〰️〰️ MARKETS 〰️〰️

I don't know if its just me but markets can be so damn fun. Head along to the best damn market in your city and get exploring. Not only is it cheap (because you might walk away with only spending a fiver on food) but its also fun. You can trawl through other peoples things or if thats not your jam head to a food one. If you're in auckland La Cigale in Parnell is a winner for sure. Plus markets are always better with a friend.

〰️〰️ GO FOR A WALK 〰️〰️

This is something Luke and I do often when we need to sort shit out. Its a good way to squeeze in some fitness too. Auckland has some great walks, like the Waitakeres if you're feeling naturey. Fairy falls is a favourite. Many beaches to stroll along and find seaglass. My favs are Mairangi Bay and the Kennedy Park beach. And even city walks like Mt Eden at night (or sunset) is real good. The view is breath taking. Plus, did I mention, its free. Legit, on my phone i have a list of walks I want to do. This one works well for friend-dates too! 


Perhaps one of the best things about Auckland is the fact that you can drive an hour in one direction and be in a completely different place. Burgers in Wenderholm is a date that is definitely up there. For those who don't know Wenderholm is a regional park only forty minutes from the CBD. This particular park, for Luke and I holds a special significance because it was the first place we went camping at! Plus burgers. AMIRITE? Have I got you? The thing is it doesn't have to be this park. Doesn't have to be in akl if you don't live here. The idea, is to get out of town and have lunch together. Maybe even a picnic. Get away for a moment. and spend time together. I had friends who used to go to Piha. Everyone has their special place. 

〰️〰️ DAY TRIPS 〰️〰️

Admittedly Luke was skeptical when I suggested the idea of a day trip to a city that isn't ours. But I dragged him along to The Hamilton Gardens, my particular fav. And now as I type this, and he peers over my shoulder he has suggested that this date goes on the list. I rest my case. There is something very cool about being a tourist. And you don't have to even leave your own country to do it. Dedicate the time to do a wee roadtrip together just to the neighbouring city. And see how much fun you can have!


Lets bring it back down to earth. With another suggestion from the boyfriend. NETFLIX, CIDER AND HOME MADE PIZZA (or burgers). Doesn't this just sound like the best night in ever? It does to me! Sometimes the simplest things really are the most magical. Chilling and just watching tv all day is awesome! 10/10 would recommend. Probably would save for when you've been dating for a bit ya feel.

Ready for one final hurrah? A bonus quick fire idea round maybe? LETS GO. 〰️ Paintball. not for the faint hearted. we are booked into this one lol 〰️ explore your city because thats fun in the new stages 〰️ art gallery or museum duh. seems like a no brainer. luke and i did both of these when we were 'freshly dating' 〰️ Burgers at mission bay also duh and probably done by heaps but damn its magical 〰️ concert extra points if its a meaningful band. we saw sticky fingers. best night ever 〰️ stargaze cos duh cute 〰️ dennys at 2am dennys is an all night diner here in NZ and it was kinda always a dream of mine. it happened 〰️ 


SECRETLY I had a blog once. A semi project entitled 50 First Dates. Its from when i was single and I was going to go on these dates right. 50 of them. But by myself. Needless to say, the project was abandoned after the third post (lol. poor effort). But the date list still remains. Soooooo, Luke and I? We are gonna do it. Stay tuned because we shall report back!

all photos included were from real life dates taken on britneys iphone. if you have some damn good date ideas or pearlers of your own; share them in the comments below!