the benefits of counselling

Therapy or counselling is something that I've always felt there was a stigma around. Like in a way I was ashamed to admit that I was considering therapy, let alone attending. When I hit struggle street last year friends, family and even my doctor suggested counselling but I brushed the idea off like it was an annoying bug on my shoulder. I didn't really believe that counselling could help. I mean how could it? Talking to someone couldn't really make a difference. I didn't like the sound of admitting I needed help. I just felt like it wasn't for me. 

Until I went. And now its been about five weeks. 

I didn't think I would ever publicly make it known that I was attending counselling. But I mentioned it in my last vlog. I realised that this is where I'm documenting my life and counselling has now become a part of it. And the stupid stigma around counselling is brought about because no one ever talks about it. So here I am, talking about the reasons why counselling is helpful and good for you. And why you should go if you're on struggle street too. 

It took me about 8 months to actually email (not call because calling is scary lol) someone to ask if I could come to them for counselling. I basically searched on the internet and picked two profiles I liked and then emailed one based off of her photo and her description. She sounded friendly. And she looked nice. Its a bit like online dating isn't it? I emailed Amy. And let me tell her going to see her every friday has helped me so much. 

In the oddest sense its like paying for friendship. Except Amy isn't a friend, she is someone I trust and can tell anything too knowing that she won't judge me or tell anyone else. More than that she is someone who has an understanding of things like anxiety and depression where I do not. Shes a professional guys. trained and everything. Before going to counselling I just couldn't wrap my head around how talking to someone I didn't know would help me. But what i've realised is that it is a safe place to talk and Amy is a person who can guide me through the chaos of my own head. There is no shame in that. 

Counselling has become a part of my self care routine now. Every friday I go along to my counselling session and sometimes after i buy coffee, cake or flowers just to make my day brighter. Luke generally drives me there to settle my nerves and after we do something nice. Its me taking the time to look after myself. Just a couple of hours out of a jam packed week to recenter and regroup. Selfcare is so under-rated. But the more we talk about it the more it should become accepted and NORMAL. 

The craziest thing I've realised through counselling is that a lot of the feelings I've been feeling can be tracked and traced. There are things that I've carried around with me for years. And they weigh on my shoulders without me even knowing they are there. Counselling is teaching me how to love and accept myself (Which I will be very honest with you, I don't love or accept myself fully right now). Its teaching me how to look after myself, how to deal with my brain and all the kooky things it does. Counselling is helping me to get back on track. Its helping me to live again. And that is the true meaning of freedom. 

I honestly don't think I could've gone through all these crazy parts of my brain by myself. So it is nice having someone who knows so much help and guide me through all of it.

Sometimes you need help to become the best version of yourself and really LIVE your best life. It takes guts and time to get there, to make that first contact with a councillor. But let me tell you, you really won't regret it. Its silly that I'm going to say this. And I'm honestly laughing to myself as i type. but I love going to therapy now, because i know its helping me to live the life I want. Its me looking after Britney and i need that. So do you. 

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