fieldnotes of summer

HELLO! Wow. Where do I even begin? I've been quietly getting myself back into creativity. And over the past few weeks poured a lot of that creativity, energy and passion into URBNWILD's new look. And can I say, I'm super proud of what it is like. 

My summer days have been filled with ups and downs and naturally a lot of sun. I totally switched my creative brain off. And now, trying to slowly get back to it I feel rusty I'll admit. While away I fell in love with audio story telling and narrative. SO for my first video back (and there will be more in this style) I decided to go more narrative. And explore video in a new way. I'm new to it. But I'm excited too. So here is todays video. FIELDNOTES OF SUMMER.

I really enjoyed having a creative break to be honest. And in no way was it ever intended to take three months of my time. BUT it was so refreshing and different. FIRST I welcomed in the new year. And I burst into tears straight away (ha). Goals were set, and I've been working on them too. My days were filled watching my friends and family grow up. I spent A LOT of time with my family and nourishing my friendships too. And no surprises if you follow me on insta I spent a whole heap of time baking. I walked on the beach nearly everyday and it became a safe place for me. I ran up mount eden for the first time. I tried apple crumble cider and it was so good. I spent my days trying to squish so much love and positivity in it. And even though days were hard, i've come away from this summer being in a better state than I was back in November.