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Today we are kicking back into action here on URBNWILD with a babe vibe interview with Albertine, a lovely lady who has been inspiring me a whole lot lately. She is the founder of Pigment Studio; an accessories label making beautiful handmade pieces and creative jewellery. Alongside her Pigment Studio she maintains a busy life both working part time in the magazine industry and studying towards a bachelor of Fine Arts (year 3 out of 4). She is a kick ass babe living life on high so naturally I wanted to share her story with you.

Let's get into the interview. 

When did you first get the idea of starting your own store?

I had kinda been thinking about it for quite a while before I actually created Pigment Studio. When I was little, I was always interested in making things and setting up little 'shops' to sell these creations. I really liked the fact that I could make things and then have people want to purchase them off me. It made my creations feel important and valuable. I've always been a fan of jewellery and accessories, so one day I was making a necklace for myself and I thought maybe other people might like this kind of thing, so I made a post on instagram asking if anyone wanted to purchase one off me, and I got quite a few replies, so from then, I started selling pieces that I'd made through insta, and eventually I created an online store to facilitate these sales.

What was the process of starting Pigment Studio up until your launch?

As I mentioned, It kinda started through casual instagram sales, and then eventually I moved onto creating a webshop to sell my items through, as it felt more 'official'. I created a new instagram for my items, which really helped me get my shop out there and then waited around for my first 'proper' orders! It wasn't something I thought out a whole lot before I actually started it, because I am quite impatient. It was a process of trial and error and I think if I were to do it all again, I would definitely prepare myself a bit better! ha!

What advice would you pass along to millennials wanting to start their own online store?

My first piece of advice would be to create, create, CREATE! Make stuff that you like and gets you excited and then start posting about your creations on Instagram or Facebook etc. People will eventually become interested in your work and that's a really cool feeling! I would also suggest starting out with selling only a few of your items, as it's much easier to maintain a small amount of items at a time.

How do you go about balancing Pigment Studio, your social life and your day job?

That's definitely something I struggle with because I think I take on a lot of things, due to my constant need to feel busy. I have a diary where I plan all my weeks in advance, so that I know when I'm going to have some free time. I have university most days of the week, and most of those days require me to be at uni at least a couple of hours each day. I usually finish classes around 2pm, so after that, I'll head to work in Ponsonby and work for a few hours and then head home in the late afternoon/early evening. I usually spend my evenings completing orders for my shop, topping up my inventory and doing any homework and readings that need to be done. For me, it's really important that I see my friends and have time to relax in amongst my workload, because if I don't, I just get really irritable and frustrated, which is never very fun, (for me or anyone else!)

 Flossie Earings.  Shop here . $34 NZD

Flossie Earings. Shop here. $34 NZD

What is one of your future goals for Pigment Studio?

I always find these sorts of questions difficult to answer, because I don't usually set longterm goals for myself. Instead I take each week/day as it comes, as I find this to be a more manageable way of working. But I guess if I had to set myself a goal for Pigment Studio, it would be to eventually open a physical store to sell my jewellery, as I think that would just be so cool and exciting!

Tell us about a moment this week were you were a freakin babe and boss of your own life, a BABE VIBE MOMENT if you will.

This week I received a wholesale order of 25 Abstract Nude earrings, which is the biggest order I've ever had! It was really tough, but I managed to push through and get it done and I am pretty damn proud of myself for getting through that! It felt really satisfying completing such a large order from start to finish in amongst the craziness of uni starting back again! 

If you were a piece of jewellery (personality wise) what would you be?

Hmmm.. This is a really difficult one, but I would probably be an earring. More specifically, a dangly earring because they are always moving around, even subtly. I find it difficult to not be constantly doing things and I need to move from one thing to another often. Also, I'm a bit obsessed with earrings at the moment, so that probably comes into play!

 Abstract Nude Earings.  Shop here . $34 NZD

Abstract Nude Earings. Shop here. $34 NZD

Pigment Studio is stocked with awesome, somewhat different designs that you can't necessarily find in general stores. I think that each Pigment Studio piece is a piece of artwork. And you can have piece of mind knowing that what you wear is handmade and supporting a bad ass babe doing awesome work.  

You can find Albertine on her blog and instagram. Or visit Pigment Studio and their instagram


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