Four fav vegan youtubers

I first went vegan during the "vegan-youtube explosion" back in 2015. When my feed was filled with vegan what I ate in the days and fresh-faced girls talking about this new-to-me lifestyle. One day after watching a video  I remember thinking "I think I'm vegan" and then I made a giant step towards my own personal health. I'll get into my vegan story another day. Today, I wanted to share some of my current fav vegan youtubers! People I regular watch because i just love their content so damn much who might inspire you too. 

Scouts honour, Cam and Nina make the most beautiful videos. And they always inspire me to get in the kitchen and make something new. 

They have a beautiful ebook called MORSEL. Which I have. Its hundreds of pages of beautiful food, photography and words. All of it they manage to do with their videos. 

Their channel is filled with inspiration of everyday vegan eating. Think what I eat in a days, food ideas and general thoughts on better living.

find their youtube here


cam and nina.png

I've only recently stumbled across Sarah's beautiful videos but I'll be straight up honest and say I binge watched a lot of them when I did. She has such a loving and beautiful vibe that inspires you to live better. 

A soon to be mother of two (with one a toddler and one on the way) she is a testimony to vegan pregnancy which (naturally) is interesting to me (tho I don't want babies just yet). Her content is filled with a lot of lifestyle stuff. She openly she's her world, what she is experiencing and of course what she eats along the way. 

find her youtube here


Gaz, otherwise known as Avantgarde Vegan makes recipe videos. But, don't let that fool you because his recipes (and videos) are great!! 

Another recent addition to my sub-feed I found Gaz through his meal-prep videos and (you guessed it) immediately proceeded to binge watch. I think he adds a lot of flare to the saturated vegan youtube market. And what I really love is that his unique personality shines through in all his videos. 

If you're stuck for what to cook for dinner check his channel out! 

find his youtube here


Of course I had to include Laura Miller. Ya'll know I'm a big fan girl of Laura's and I've mentioned her podcast before. But her personality is one that is just infectious. And just like Gaz, it shines through in her videos. 

She hasn't made a video in a while, but I often go back and watch her old ones when I'm feeling stuck. Her vegan recipe videos are always interesting and some of the first ones I watched when I was initially getting into the world. She used to make videos on tastemade but then branched out on her own so if you just type her name into youtube you'll find her work. 

find her youtube here


That is all for today's round up. I didn't want to bombard you with a whole host of vegan youtubers, so this might be something you see pop up again. As I've already said I find their content pretty inspiring, though a lot of the time it leaves me drooling and or hungry. 

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