No-spend October

I am popping in today to talk about something that i'm actually super excited about! No-spent October. I know, I know. It doesn't sound to exciting! But it isssss. I'm more excited because by side (metaphorically speaking) is Soph and Liv. AND LUKE

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At some point, just before midnight on the first I was scrolling through twitter and saw Sophie's tweet about doing a no-buy month, no-spend and no random 'treat yo self' moments. I was inspired. And sign up to do it. By signing up i totally mean I wrote a tweet back saying "I'm going to do it!! Thanks for inspiring meeee!!!!". Mental. But as soon as I read it I knew the challenge would be good for me. Plus Soph and Liv are doing it, so I'll be fineeee. Right?

Yesterday, when I was in line to pay for my sushi I panicked. WAIT. Is this allowed? Should I have packed my lunch? wait, I DID pack my lunch. I shouldn't be getting sushi. I brought it anyway. BUT I quickly touched base with Sophie to figure out the exact rules surrounded this challenge. Let me give you a run down. 

Sophie was inspired by this instagram from Daisy B. For her its all about not buying those "things you want but don't need". So meals are ok. And groceries. And essentials like petrol and therapy. "It's about not buying things because I can or because i feel sad" and you use the money you save towards something of more meaning. I think its like buying with intention. And I love that. 

In all honesty I'm super excited to do this challenge. My spending has been pretty crazy lately. I mean I've been purchasing a lot of random bits and bobs for the house. Or random clothes that I'm not even sure go with my wardrobe. So taking a month off of spending is going to be good. Its going to be great! And Luke is going to do it too? Whaaat??? He verbally 'signed up' when I was telling him about it over the phone after I had demolished my sushi.

I'm going to try to eat out way less, pack my lunch more often, try not to buy coffee, avoid buying clothes, no random Kmart trips with my family (seriously, my Mum and Nan are such enablers) and no buying books. 

My pay-cheque will be going on essentials in the month of October. And nothing else.

And I am so bloody excited. 

Thanks Soph for inspiring me!! What are your guys thoughts?

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