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BABE VIBES is an interview series all about bad ass babes. Where I chat with millennial gals and guys who are (for the want of a better phrase) ‘killing it’ in their life, whatever that may look like. Intimate questions, career questions, silly and fun questions. We delve deep and get to the nitty gritty. My hope is to offer insights into worlds we may not otherwise see and connect like minded souls with their kin.



I am so excited to be sharing this interview with one of my favourite youtube gals. Her content which focuses on fashion is inspiring beyond words. With a wealth of knowledge from her day job as a stylist she has taken to the internet to share her tips in fun and snappy vids. Plus did I mention she has a DOG!! (you know how much I adore dogs!). Her insta-bio reads "Stylist by trade, 5'2" by birth & victim of plenty faux pas 🐾 Stand taller one outfit at a time ". An advocate of those of shorter stature and damn she is a babe. She is a ray of sunshine and I'm so stoked and honoured to have her here. Meet Lwany (pronounced loo-ah-nie). 



Lets start with probably the most important life question: What is your spirit animal?

Kansas 100%

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Who am I? That’s such a deep question… I can tell you I was born and raised in Guadalajara and moved to northern Michigan when I was thirteen. I’m not very good at most things in life, but I’m confident in my discerning eye and creative abilities. I have never been one to shy away from trying different things so I’ve had a lot of different jobs. I began as a graphic designer, worked my way up to an art director and then had a short stint starting an online magazine. I could never find anyone to style the shoots for the online magazine so that actually led me to wardrobe styling!  

What made you turn to youtube?

To be honest, I don’t remember my exact reasoning or thinking for doing that first video. I know at the time, I just wanted to create something to express myself as a petite in the fashion industry. 

How do you deal with negativity?

Still figuring out this one out… one of my biggest faults is my need for perfection and lack of patient which are the perfect catalyst for negativity. I’m currently prepping for a pretty big advertising job and I’m very fortunate that one of my assistants, Diana, is super positive and keeps me in check even in the middle of a breakdown.

How did you figure out your cool video style?

I feel like the best creative solutions come from having limitations and my video style isn’t an exception to that. 


Where does your inspiration come from?

As a stylist, I’m constantly looking at what others in the industry are doing, but with video is the opposite. I don’t. Everything I do in video comes from doing the opposite of what annoys me and frustrates me. I think that’s why I’m so sensitive when others are inspired by my video style and don’t credit me. I do think that in a subliminal level, I borrow ideas from skate videos. Ever since high school skateboarding has had a very special place in my heart. 

When you are stuck in a rut, what do you do to get out of it?

I take a day off to go on an adventure with my other half Aaron and Kansas!


What does a typical day look like for you?

Sitting in front of a computer sandwiched by walking Kansas… my days vary a lot, but those are essentially my days. 

What is your ideal day off look like?

Waking up without an alarm, walking Kansas to grab coffee, going to the beach with mags, snacks, and our boogie boards! Then having friends over for a fire. 

What keeps you up at night? 

Meeting clients' expectations within the time constrains and money… freelance life is amazing, but its not always easy. 

On that note, does Kansas keep you up all night? or is he a deep sleeper? 

Lately he has been waking me up in the middle of the night, but I think its because he is scared of our new humidifier, haha! 

Whats the best piece of advice you've received?

Romanticism is amazing, but your relationship should be practical first and foremost (my dad) 

When you have a dream, how do you make it a reality?

Plan, plan, plan…. and in the middle of it all ask yourself if you actually like doing the work because it is never about the destination/reaching goals and dreams, but the journey. 


What is your favourite colour and why?

Red! It stands for everything I can relate to – passion, timelessness and versatility

What has been your highlight of 2017 so far? 

LaMadelynn and Olivia Nora giving me shoutouts on their YouTube channels and my birthday trip to Hawaii 

What is the lesson you took from your toughest moment to date?

To enjoy everything the way it is now because things will never be the same for the best or the worst

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

My wedding after party slip dress, Aaron’s sweater and converse 

Best fashion advice you could give someone wanting to be more fashionable? 

Be more selective… forget trends, marketing and ask yourself ‘does this actually look good on me and do I actually like it?’  


Let's talk about Kansas! If Kansas was a person what would he be wearing?

An outfit so stylish, yet effortless and cool, people wouldn’t even be able to comprehend it  

What is the biggest lesson that Kansas has taught you?

The best things in life are complex, challenging, forever changing, but always get better with time

And finally, tell us about a moment in your week where you felt on top of the world.

This week I’m struggling to keep my head above water so attending my first yoga class in months last Tuesday was a pretty big deal for me… and actually doing this interview – answering all these questions have made me realize that things are actually pretty damn ok in my life.

I totally didn't realise how many questioned I bombarded you with Lwany! So thank you for taking the time to answer them. Honestly, I think this is one of the highlights of my week too! 

You can find Lwany (and Kansas) here on inta and on her youtube channel. She is an utter babe and cool girl. And I am so glad she makes stuff and puts it out in the world. 

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