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This post is coming to you late. Which, honestly seems to be a recurring theme for the moment because ya girl is worn down. And even though I'm really into this online thing I do, sometimes I don't have enough in me to show up. Which makes me frustrated at myself for sure. But right now it is just the reality of what it is. The past three weeks have been rough in the chaos in my head. I'm feeling better now. But you may have noticed the sudden halt in my internet presence last week. It was because, as previously mentioned ya girl is feeling worn down. And thats ok. I'm going to be dipping my feet back into the waters this week, because I have so many ideas in me and so many things i love to share.  enough said. On with the cool stuff! 

I want to do a Q&A video! 

so if you have any q's ask away! Either on twitter or insta @bisforbritney



the personal highs and lows of my week. 


+ I'm not really sure where I stand on the topic of aquariums and zoos. 

+ Being low for three weeks is pretty sucky. 

+ Having to wait another week for a day off. Working seven days this week. BOO. 

+ Being tired. I think its more just a built up exhaustion. In my old job every few months I'd take two week off kinda just to recuperate. And even though this new role is better in heaps of ways, I still feel like I might need a recoop. Have to wait till Nov because I've booked a week of leave then woo. 

+ I'm not sure how I fell on instagram at the moment. Lately I haven't been posting so much because I've been feeling pretty invalid I guess. Its easy to compare yourself to what everyone else is doing and then I'll hop off of insta and feel a twinge of sad. Cait said to me today that there is a positive to that too. Like the fact that it can inspire you. For sure. But I guess I have been posting less this week because I just don't feel confident in myself ????? So in a way its a lot less about instagram and more about my self-esteem. Whew

+ Realised I'm a people pleaser in this weeks counselling sesh and i had nooooo idea!!! But to Luke it was so obvious. Man, thats some what of a revelation i need to work through. 



+ I shared this post on insta about depression. And I was talking to my counsellor about how I've been pretty open about it online, but not in real life. I'm not sure what makes this a highlight. But I'm just proud of myself for opening up particularly about a topic thats so personal. Hopefully it will help someone 

+This week my cousin Aramis, Mum and myself went to the aquarium. It was really nice to spend a day out with them. Afterwards we went to the beach! 

+ Having a really supportive partner, family and a few solid friends too. For a while I felt really low and sad about being lonely. But I'm realising that the quality of my relationships are better than quantity. Building new and strong connections will take time, but I see new ones flourishing in the gaps that were left in the past year or two. 

+ My mum on the phone told me that my blog is very niched. Made me happy, because I've spent a whoooole lot of time narrowing what URBN WILD is and I'm excited to see it further evolve. 

+ Vegan cookies man. They good. 

+ Luke and I are going down to Hastings next weekend. he is going for work and I'm tagging along rather than staying at home by myself haha. I have no idea what is down there! So hopefully I will find something to do. 

+ Last week I started back at the gym. Even though this week wasn't the best, I'm still very proud of myself for getting back into it. It became a very unsafe space for me earlier this year, and we stopped going entirely. So big progress to a more healthier life. 

+ I've been trying to take better care of myself lately. And I think thats a big plus for sure. 


x BOOKS FOR BABES One of my internet favs MuchelleB has started a book club centred around personal growth. Its a book club on youtube (hence its in this category). SO if you're interested give it a watch HERE

x THE ORVILLE ok. If you're not into scifi, you're not going to be into this. But Luke and I started watching this new comedy and its so funny. I laugh so much while watching it. Its kinda like Star Trek except cheaper budget wise and with a lot more jokes. 10/10 would recommend HERE

x FILM TO FASHION with Katie! Katie is a youtuber and she has just stepped up her game massively. Realeasing a new series that focuses on (you guessed it) inspiration from film to fashion. Her first one was about Stranger Things and its just filmed soooooo beautifully. Watch it HERE


x THIS PHOTO SERIES I saw on twitter of a mum and a daughter. Gave me a giggle. HERE


x DEAR LAURA I knoooow. I've talked about Laura a lot over these ways. Her latest podcast was a q+a. She had her husband with her while she answered some submitted questions and even though they were mainly talking about 'deep shit' like depression I laughed soooo hard. What made it worse was that I was on a treadmill while laughing and I seriously couldn't contain myself. So if you ever see a crazy laughing gal on a treadmill give her a break. Its a heck of a time. Listen to Laura's podcast HERE


ha! I usually call it 'if I didn't have to pay rent' but this title seems more appropriate given this months challenge

x SKINCARE it never used to be a thing for me. But since I've really gotten into self-care as a way of 'getting better' skin care is way up there. I want to get 'breakup the makeup' by Goodness and a cleaner from Skin by The Eco-Store. I was given a little sampler and it is v. good. Both are two NZ brands, more eco based and I can't wait to have them on my shelf (and skin). Maybe I can swing as 'groceries' HERE and HERE

x STATIONARY a girl can never have enough amirite??? I actually spent a bit of my day printing out some recipe ebooks (shout out to Luke for getting it to work for me lol). I have a binder filled with recipes already and these ones need to go in it too. But I need some more sleeves and another binder cos there is so much! Guess it'll have to wait. 

x A HOUSE PLANT I just want a new plant baby. Actually, I've got another thing to add to the list. 

x A FUR BABY A dog. Because I love them so much. 

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